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Does Filing for Bankruptcy Put My Home and Car at Risk?

2019-05-09T17:04:19+00:00May 9th, 2019|

When you file for bankruptcy, you may have to sell certain assets to repay your creditors. However, other assets can be considered exempt depending on the laws in your state. If you are struggling with debt you can't repay, a qualified bankruptcy attorney can help [...]

Why Are More Seniors Filing for Bankruptcy?

2018-09-19T18:42:07+00:00September 19th, 2018|

There’s no hiding it: more and more seniors are filing for bankruptcy. Whether you're filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are far too many options and details to consider on your own, which is where a bankruptcy lawyer can be vital. If [...]

What You Need to Know About Debt Consolidation and Bankruptcy

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00August 23rd, 2018|

Filing for bankruptcy is never anyone’s first choice. There are a number of options to explore before meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer to determine whether it’s the right solution to your circumstances. One of these pre-bankruptcy options is to take out a debt consolidation loan. [...]

What the Recent Drop in Bankruptcy Filings Really Means

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00July 10th, 2018|

Since long before the 2008 economic crisis was even a twinkle in Wall Street’s eye, the hardships of bankruptcy have plagued both individuals and businesses alike. While the right bankruptcy lawyer from an established firm, such a Brent George Law, can make all the difference [...]

What You Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy in California

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00June 19th, 2018|

While bankruptcy laws are governed by federal statutes, they are implemented on a state level. Each state may have its own regulations concerning bankruptcy procedures, which is why it is important to work with a bankruptcy lawyer who understands California's state requirements. The following will [...]

Assets You Should Not Transfer Prior to Bankruptcy

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00May 8th, 2018|

Though the stigma it once had has all but disappeared, bankruptcy can still leave debtors making desperate moves in a last ditch effort to protect their assets. Unfortunately, as any proper bankruptcy lawyer will tell you, moving assets prior to filing for bankruptcy could end [...]

How to Rebound from Bankruptcy

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00March 14th, 2018|

Filing for bankruptcy has become commonplace in the United States in the last several years. While it is not something anyone is eager to do, it does not carry the stigma it once did. Although this is often the best option to wipe the slate [...]

How Do Businesses Go Bankrupt?

2018-08-23T18:47:07+00:00February 12th, 2018|

The financial crisis between 2007 and 2008 saw many businesses file for bankruptcy. However, hundreds of companies file every year for a litany of reasons. As a precaution, it is worth it for any entrepreneur to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer well before the risk [...]