Choosing the Right Amount of Car Insurance Amid Rising Rates

By |2023-06-20T17:59:39+00:00June 20th, 2023|Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Auto insurance premiums have risen dramatically across the nation, with some states seeing rate increases approaching 15%. In California, however, the state regulates insurers, and individual insurance companies must apply for approval of premium increases. Many companies have already received permission for rate hikes in [...]

Ramifications of Pure Comparative Negligence Affect California Drivers

By |2022-03-18T17:41:23+00:00March 18th, 2022|Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

When you slip into your vehicle and snap on your seat belt to drive to work, visit friends or take a road trip with your family, you probably aren't thinking about personal injury and liability laws. Instead, you just want to reach your destination safely [...]

The Nuts and Bolts of Assigning Fault for a Traffic Accident

By |2022-02-08T18:37:08+00:00February 8th, 2022|Car Accidents, Personal Injury|

Automobile and other vehicle accidents are so common in American society that most statistical reports concentrate on fatalities. For example, the California Office of Traffic Safety states that 3,606 victims died in traffic accidents in the state during 2019. As heartbreaking as that statistic is, [...]

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