Wise Bankruptcy Decisions Involve More Than the Amount of Debts

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When people review options to address a ballooning total of money owed, they often wonder about any minimum or maximum amounts of debt allowed for filing bankruptcy. Perhaps because media accounts often focus on high-profile bankruptcy cases, the idea that you need significant debt to [...]

If You’re Taking the Bankruptcy Path, Avoid the Fraudulent Transfer Trail

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Like many life-changing events, bankruptcy affects every person differently. Some individuals enter a state of shock or depression. Others feel resentful of the process, including the forms to fill out with required personal and financial information. As a result, even though attorneys and the court [...]

Bankruptcy Provides Advantages for Financially Trapped Individuals

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Most people rightfully approach the idea of filing for bankruptcy with a great deal of trepidation. While there are benefits and drawbacks to embarking on this legal journey, such a serious step deserves careful consideration. When the stress of dealing with persistent creditors and trying [...]

When Divorce and Bankruptcy Intersect, Ex-Spouses May Pay a Price

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Divorce and bankruptcy proceedings often intermingle as threads of cause and effect. Financial problems and stress certainly contribute to marital problems, and a husband and wife who experience troubles meeting expenses for one household will probably have difficulties surviving the costs of a divorce and [...]