Legal ContractAt The Law Offices of Brent D. George we have represented hundreds of different clients including private individuals, small and large business, partnerships, and corporations both big and small. Our goal with respect to each and every client is to provide top notch legal services at an affordable price.

We represent clients and if necessary litigate on behalf of clients in connection with all types of business and civil matters matters, including:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Recovery of Money Lent
  • Defense to Civil Lawsuits
  • Debt Collection Defense
  • Wage Garnishment Defense
  • Defenses to Lawsuits by Financial Institutions
  • Defenses to Lawsuits by Creditors
  • Foreclosure Issues
  • Short sales
  • Contract and Lease Preparation
  • Contract and Lease Review
  • Review of Employment Severance Agreements
  • Demands for Performance Under Contract

Whenever a client is dealing with an issue involving or affecting their business or their personal financial situation, our aim is to understand the client’s goals and then work toward meeting those goals in the most cost-effective manner. The Law Offices of Brent D. George is here to help you when you your rights are on the line.

We can be reached at (805)494-8400 or by email at We offer a Free Initial Consultation and we would be happy to schedule an appointment on weekends or evenings.