If you’ve been hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence within Los Angeles or Ventura County, the The Law Offices of Brent D. George will fight for your rights. We understand that financial compensation will not repair your loss, but it can allow you to move on with your life without the added burden of financial responsibility. We will fight hard for you or your loved one to make sure that your injuries are compensated and that you can afford extended medical care should you require it.

Vehicle Accidents
Negligence and failure to act with proper care while behind the wheel is a leading cause of accidents. In fact, the majority of accidents could be avoided if drivers paid their due diligence to their surroundings and maintained their vehicles in safe condition. If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, the Law Offices of Brent D. George may be your most valuable resource. Not only can we offer legal representation in court, but insurance companies react more favorably and fairly to those who have a legal professional on their team. Get the compensation you deserve with The Law Offices of Brent D. George.

Slip and Fall Accidents
If you or your loved one has had a slip and fall injury while on a property in Los Angeles or Ventura County, The Law Offices of Brent D. George can help you get the financial compensation you need to address your injury and move on with your life. Property owners are required to make every effort to keep properties in a safe condition, and are subject to legal action when injuries occur on their property. If you believe you were injured due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, call us for a free consultation.

Workplace Accidents
Sometimes, employers do not prioritize their employees’ safety for any number of reasons, including expense issues, carelessness, or ignorance of safety concerns. Taking safety precautions can be expensive, and employers sometimes assume that an injury could never take place on the job. When it does, The Law Offices of Brent D. George will represent you to get you the compensation you require and deserve.

Even if an accident does take place, some employers will try to hide the situation from authorities by offering to pay initial medical expenses, having the employee sign a waiver, and refusing to pay future related health bills. They may also convince employees that they have not been injured badly and to come back to work sooner than it is healthy to do so. If you have been put in this type of situation, our team will fight for your rights and ensure that the employer takes full responsibility for the injury.

Employers are not always at fault when injuries occur, as some employees take advantage of injuries. Sometimes, employees will falsify the severity of an accident or the amount of medical expenses. This can often lead to additional expenses on the part of the employer who must not only pay for these falsified bills but must also pay other people to do the injured party’s job. The Law Offices of Brent D. George can also represent employers to fight employee workplace injury fraud and save them the unnecessary expense.

Dog Bites
As much as dogs can be lovable companions, they do have a natural aggressive behavior when they feel that their territory is threatened. Dog owners are required by law to protect all others from their dogs. While some dogs only bark, others take more aggressive steps to ward off intruders, such as biting people who come too close. The Law Offices of Brent D. George will help you to get reimbursed for your dog-related injury.

Help for the Injured and Their Loved Ones
Healthcare rates have skyrocketed in the past years, and even for those with health insurance, there are deductibles and limits to the amounts they are eligible for under various circumstances. For people who cannot afford health insurance coverage, it is even harder because they have no way to pay for healthcare, even if the injury they suffer is the result of the act or negligence of another. If you have been injured in Los Angeles or Ventura County, call The Law Offcies of Brent D. Geroge for assistance. You can worry about one less thing knowing that we will represent you and get you the compensation you deserve so that you can get the best possible medical care.

Injuries are not only felt by the injured person; they also have a ripple effect on families which have to go through the painful disruption of their lives to support their injured love one. Often, they will need to take time off work or travel to distant hospitals while paying for accommodation and food expenses they would not otherwise have incurred. After an injured person returns from the hospital, they may require additional in-home care that can only be provided by a family member. They may also require modification to their home to accommodate medical equipment and wheelchairs. These costs can add up quickly, but The Law Offices of Brent D. George is here to help you overcome the high costs of an injury, both for you and your family.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident of any kind resulting in injury, call The Law Offices of Brent D. George to receive the compensation you need to go on with your life without the added stress of a financial burden. Call 805.494.8400 or email us at We offer a Free Initial Consultation and would be happy to schedule an appointment during the day, or at your convenience on the evenings or weekends.