Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. If it’s one you’re facing, you are likely wondering if you can afford to hire a bankruptcy attorney. To make the right decision, you need to understand how they can help. You also need to know what you’ll be facing if you proceed on your own. Only then can you make the best choice for your situation.

Knowing Which Chapter to File

Many problems that occur during a bankruptcy come from prebankruptcy decisions. Deciding which chapter to file is one of those, as different chapters protect different things. Many people who represent themselves file under the wrong chapter for their situation simply because the law is so complex. In fact, some people don’t need to file for bankruptcy at all! Having an experienced, reputable firm like Brent George Law behind you will prevent that.

Filing Documents

There is a plethora of documents that must be filed to start the bankruptcy process. There are even more during the process as well as after the hearing. Incorrect or missing documents can disrupt the entire case. Using the wrong property exemption forms can cause you to lose assets you hoped to protect. A well-versed attorney will save you time, frustration and potentially costly mistakes.

Meeting Requirements

There are specific requirements that must be met prior to filing that many people misunderstand or miss. A vivid example of this is the requirement of credit counseling in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. The counseling has to come from an approved provider and usually requires a certificate of completion to be filed before the bankruptcy itself. People representing themselves often don’t realize this and either miss it completely or receive the counseling from a firm that isn’t an approved provider. A bankruptcy attorney knows the requirements you’ll need to meet, as well as when and how you have to meet them.

Preparing for the Unexpected

During the hearing itself, creditors can file motions for a variety of reasons. If you’re representing yourself, you may not know how to respond or defend yourself. This can also result in the need to file additional documents that you don’t understand or are unable to complete inaccurately. This is where a bankruptcy attorney is of the most value, as their expertise will let them respond immediately.

Making Your Decision

Understanding the complex requirements of filing for bankruptcy is only part of what you need to know. Understanding how just one incorrect form can lead to your case being dismissed or property being lost is just as critical, if not more so. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney will protect you from unnecessary loss, save you time and be the expert you need in this already difficult time. Call the Law Offices of Brent George for a free consultation on your case.