Don’t be afraid to find a bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks. Millions of Americans file for bankruptcy every year so that they can reset their financial situation and get off to a good start. If you’re wondering where you went wrong or are not sure how to prepare for a more secure financial future, take note of the following common causes of debt.

Bad Budgeting

While this may sound obvious in theory, budgeting is a very difficult skill to master and it’s difficult to remain aware of the budgeting goals and guidelines that you set for yourself. To stop yourself from spending far more money than you can afford to, develop a routine to constantly analyze your income, particularly if it fluctuates, and develop a better understanding of your spending habits. While it’s important to set a budget that curtails or tempers your spending habits, it’s silly to set a budget that is too harsh, since you’ll end up ignoring it anyway. Learn about your spending habits and then generate a budget that works for, not against you.

Low Income

One of the worst causes of debt is simply when your income drops significantly. If your pay decreases for any reason, it’s important that you immediately change your habits and lifestyle to accommodate that income, whatever it may be.

Credit Cards

Although credit cards can be useful in some situations, they often land people in situations in which they’ll need to find a bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks. In general, try to not pay anything that you don’t have yet. The volatility of the economy and the job market means that we don’t actually know if or when our pay will be consistent, so try to avoid spending before you get paid.


Sadly, the legality of the divorce process is extremely expensive. With the right attorney, you can help alleviate the costs of divorce settlements and child support, and in some cases you can get the IRS to pay your child support.


Sometimes, our priorities force us into debt. If you or a family member suffers from a sudden illness, costs and premiums can be very high. Assess all of you options before determine how you want to pay for your medical costs.

However, for these and any other drastic cause of debt, you can always call a reputable bankruptcy attorney in Thousand Oaks like Brent George Law so that you can use bankruptcy to your advantage and continue your life in a manageable financial situation.