Whether they’re caused by cars, unsafe workplaces, pets, or freak accidents, personal injuries happen all the time. They may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less upsetting, difficult, or scary. Personal injury accidents seriously affect the injured and their loved ones, but they can get help by contacting a personal injury lawyer.

Potential Problems

Personal injury accidents can happen anywhere. One of the most common places is in the car; even if you’re careful, that doesn’t mean everybody else on the road is. You can easily be hurt by a careless driver. Personal injury accidents also happen in the workplace. Employers are sometimes overly confident about safety, and that can lead to employees getting hurt. Slipping and falling can also lead to personal injury; so can a dog that isn’t properly restrained. Any of these circumstances could lead to a possible injury. 

Physical Injury

One of the most obvious repercussions of a personal injury accident is the physical injury itself. Depending on the type of accident, possible results include scarring, burns, broken bones, physical disability or even amputation. While many people can recover, sometimes the marks of an accident will be with you for your entire life.

Financial Trouble

All of these injuries require medical treatment, and hospitals are not cheap. In many cases, medical insurance is not sufficient to cover all the results of a freak accident, and the bills can be very high indeed. In an auto accident, you might also be facing the problem of paying for damage to your car. A personal injury accident can lead to serious financial trouble for an entire family.

Psychological Trauma

The psychological toll of an accident can be great, too. Those who experience a traumatic event can experience mental problems and even disorders in the weeks and months following the event; even if this is not the case, the aftermath of the accident can still cause trouble. Financial trouble and medical treatment can lead to increased stress, and in the case of a permanent disability depression may ensue. The victim isn’t the only one who might be distressed by these events, either—loved ones may have difficulty watching their family or friends struggle.

All of these problem can be made even worse by the knowledge that it wasn’t your fault and the injury was due to somebody else’s carelessness. However, contacting a personal injury lawyer can help. They will assist you in determining whether or not you have a case. Although the money from a settlement can’t undo the accident, it can at least remove financial stress from the equation and help you regain peace of mind. You can start the healing process today by getting a free consultation from Brent George Law.